There was a lot of activities yesterday! 

  • I met a former UPM's professor for my future career/education path counseling which ended just nice considering I was worried sick from the day before thinking about what should I say about my plans.
  • I went to Arts for Grab at Central Market. It was not as hectic as last Creative Market Pipit's event and there was so many indie-book stalls (which personally, I don't favor - I read 2 books before, and I detested them, no offense )
  • I went to Chow Kit Road, and I just found out that Chow Kit Road and Petaling Street are two very very different neighborhoods. After 21 years in Malaysia, I found out about that yesterday. How fun. 
  • I went to Bentley Auditorium for David Choi's performance.

Here it is :

My first concert. 
Everyone who knows me know that I'm not a concert person and 
I never thought I will let myself to go to any concert. 
But there you go, once I found out that he is coming to Malaysia,
I bought 2 tickets for both my sister and I 
and it was quite shocking.
I saw him live after months of youtube videos :D


Hunnymadu :

David Choi :
Soothing music from his awesome voice!

Next time, he will bring the whole groups :
Kina, KevJumba, RyanHiga, WongFu Production, etc.
* I do hope so!


  • And I broke my spectacles :
Just nice.


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