Doodle : Fennec

I found images of baby fennec fox from pinterest, and fell in love right away. They look like both dog and cat, which I both adore. But they are categorized as wild animal and even considered as exotic, definitely not suitable for a pet. I don't think they can be as loving as other domestic animals.

They came from a small member of canine family eg : dog, fox, wolf, jackal. Not commonly kept as pets though. They behave more-or-less like dog, but probably much wilder. *like the 2 weeks I kept Minka, a ferret, it wasn't all awww-cute and flowery. Let wild animals stay wild in the wilderness. 


Here is an illustration of baby fennecs :

I imagine living near the wilderness, having my own garden for plantations and breeding my own livestocks. Every morning I can listen to the sweet wild birds and insects singing the nature's song. And I'll have a huge collection of books, and a small little family. With some cats, that maybe grew up with tamed foxes and a huge dog to guard the house. Ohh, and a river. 

Ppbrtttt, who actually need a wifi? :p

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