Little Things 165 : Hatred & Pain

There are certain types of pain that I haven't been able to control yet: 
  1. Human hatred among each other for any reasons : ethnicity, religion, skin colour, political preferences and such. 
  2. People attacking, killing and hurting one another through words, attitudes, behaviors, actions, whether indirectly or directyly. 
  3. Those fear and mistrust among us. 

Why we keep on putting so much energy on hatred when we can all love each other? This world will be a lot safer and nicer. We might even go throughout this life with peace at heart. I'm not sure whether I'm questioning the entire human race or I'm questioning God? If we are here for unknown reasons, continuing all things that were written from the start, then what's the point of having these questions at all? Mere questions to keep my mind in inner battle? Is this, a test that I need to learn to solve? 


The problem is I can feel the pain of others, it's pounding in my heart. And I can feel hatred, or jealousy, or even fear among people. I feel. It is one thing that I'm not sure whether to feel gifted or cursed. 

Emotion and feelings can take me whole. They feel like something that aren't yours entirely, and you know they come from other people around you. You feel them, and you don't know what to do with it. Sometimes, you know that they are in so much pain, and you wish you can help them ease the pain but you have nothing in your power to do much. You have to close your eyes and pretend that nothing is happening because you can't help everyone.

There was this one time, when I'm about to make a big decision in my life that will effect other beings. I didn't tell people how much pain I felt from those that I was hurting. I didn't tell people how their feelings consumed my heart, but I listened, and I felt. So I decided to let go. The aftermath was bad, but not as bad as if I decided to choose that path. That was when I've heard too much and I felt too much energy being thrown to me at once. That was the last of it, I stone-heartedly learned to block of all the connections afterwards. 


But this hatred among human race is huge. It's accumulated throughout the entire population. It feels like they are chanting, slowly at first, and it is beginning to sounded like shouts. I don't know how to make them stop. 

They are hurting each other. 
Can't they see?

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