Little Stories 58 : My Awan kena sawan

Last week for Eid, we went back to Pekan for several days.

Like usual, I planned to leave Awan at my dad's house. While we were packing things up on the morning before we left the house, Awan sensed something and started to hide away. I had to capture her several times and with my brother's help, we managed to put her in a big tote bag *letting only her head out so I can still hug her while she watched outside and she won't feel wholly trapped in the bag. It's not possible to merely hold her, the last time I did that, she climbed onto my head outside of our apartment and that was humiliating enough.

Awan stayed in the house most of her life. The only time she saw the world outside of our little apartment were 1) when she was sick and survived a surgery 2) during Eid - that was like 5 times in 2 years. So, she is not up for what the world can offer. Ha. 

She hates new people by this means she will stare at you most of the time you are in the house. She puts a well-defined space between you and where she is at that time and if you try to touch her, she'll attack you. Nope, she is not a well-behaved young lady, I forgot to teach her about manner maybe because we hardly receive any outsiders much. 

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So after several attempts, we put her in the bag and I brought her to the car. She gave her oddly big-voice miows maybe because she was scared and while in the car she sat so tightly in my arm. We arrived at my dad's house and she was restless again once we went out from the car. She started to panic and moved 'in' the bag trying to find other way out, it was getting harder to hold her. 

Once I entered the house, I looked at Awan in my arms and I saw her twitching. At first it was her paws, and I thought it was a reaction because she panicked. Then she started having a seizure ! I didn't know what to do, I put her on the floor and shouted to my sister to call my dad - because my dad was once a veterinarian, so I thought he knew how to handle things like that. 

I stayed at her side, watching her body contracted uncontrollably. That was the longest 2 minutes ever. After that, she seemed to regain her consciousness, and tried to stand up but her legs were too weak, it slide.  I tried to calmed her down and asked my sister to put her in our room, less spacious, less stress? Phew. 

Seizure !
It sounded a big dramatic for a cat to have a seizure, but yeap : 
my Awan kena sawan. 

It even rhyme. 


We picked her up after 5 days, my sister said she twitched and was restless in her sleep, like she was having a bad dream. Poor Awan, my scaredy cat.

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