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August 13, 2013

Here is for a long post on books.
I lost count of books I read this year :


I just finished reading Fearless by Cornelia Funke, the sequel to the previous one I read several months ago : Reckless. So it's another Jacob Reckless journey to the Mirrorworld, this time surviving the black Fairy curse and finding a cure. 

I think it didn't hit me as much as Inkheart trilogy did and I got confused by a lot of antagonist characters' name in the book : the Goyl, Nerron, the Prince, the Waterman, Lelou, Louis etc. Every time I read a chapter on the bad people's part, I lost focus, like reading something I didn't want to remember.  

Oh, the fact that it was written in a very short chapter helped a lot, I only read 2-5 chapters every night. So I can keep on pushing myself to read instead of leaving it for months and I literally put it next to my pillow every night, *in hoping that I'll never stop reading, it actually worked. 

It is so hard to keep reading since I stayed 24/7 at home, there's so much things to do. Phew.

Writer : Cornelia Funke ( famous for Inkheart trilogy )
Genre : Fantasy
Reader : Children/Young Adult
Pages : 424
Bought it : RM 33.90 at Borders the Garden


I also read Stardust by Neil Gaiman. As usual, I've always keep many unread books at home because I buy book/s almost every time I went out to the mall. So it became quite handy, the list never ends :D I wanted to like Neil Gaiman so much because he is such a cool writer, I mean, try listen to his speech and look at his house and his beautiful dogs and his library and what not. He wanted to be a writer and that's what he's been doing and he got inspiring strong will. I tried to read books written by him again. 

So I bought Stardust, hoping it's not another American Gods that I failed to read. *I really like Coraline tho. 

Well the book has been made to a 2007 movie, featuring beautiful Claire Danes and Charlie Cox, I watched it years ago. Another fantasy world with witches and magic, how can I say no to that? Phew. It's not a heavy reading. The book has 333 pages with huge printed words - I usually get quite annoyed with huge printed words in novels, I love them small tiny miniscule.

I love the simplicity of the story. It's so great how imagination can go wild to things that is not even existed. Fantasy genre works very well for people like me : people who feed themselves with the nonexistence. 

Writer : Neil Gaiman ( famous for being Neil Gaiman, ha. )
Genre : Fantasy
Reader : Young Adult/Adult
Pages : 333
Bought it : Borders the Garden 


I also read Kelahiran Lain published by Jargon Books. One of many books that I bought at the previous KLAB event. It is a collaborative works, written by many independent Malaysian writers in various ways. Some were quite odd, some were quite obscene and disturbing, some were acceptable. Every short story is very different from one another. 

One of the short story that caught my eyes was Kelahiran 3 by Wan Nor Azriq, page 25. I seriously can't relate to anything he was trying to say in the chapter and I wasn't sure whether that is good or a bad thing. But I can't understand his high taste of presenting his arts in words and even in morse code. The morse code part caught my eyes - I guess that's a good thing. It was odd enough until I felt like googling his name and found his blog. Look at all his posts, literature is very heavy for me, I feel like I am suffocating by all the jargons - this statement came from a self-claimed bookaholic. Wihu. 

I accidentally left this book at Matic KL for weeks, I thought my brother borrowed it so I didn't searched for it. When I went to Matic again weeks later and went into the surau, I saw it in the telekung's rack. I thought "Ohh, there's somebody else reading the same book as I did!", and picked up the book to see at least a name. Later I saw the postcard I bought at Pipit event signed by Evangelione in it and right then I found out that the book is actually mine =.=' 

Writer : 10 Malaysian writes
Genre : Life/Oddity
Reader : Adult
Pages : 135
Bought it : RM 25 at KLAB


Another book I read was Rhymes for Mending Hearts by Sheena Baharuddin. This is also one of the many books I bought at KLAB. It's a compilation of poems written in English. 

I love her wider thoughts on the spiritual parts she wrote in the book, maybe because I can relate to that easily but I didn't quite like the love poems that much. It feels harsh and sad and heartbroken. Well, the title itself  said so,  obvious, duh, what did I expect? Ha.

Writer : Sheena Baharuddin
Genre : Poem
Reader : Adult
Pages : 157
Bought it : 2 or 3 for RM 50 at KLAB 



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