Reckless Life 5 : After 31 days

We will be forever in debt with everyone and everything around us. For those beautiful inspirations, for ideas and indirect lessons, for new thoughts and opinions, for never-ending fire that burns in our soul. We can't say thank you enough.

These past few weeks had been very entertaining for my little-imaginative-part-in-my-brain.

My little projects in this past 4 weeks :

  • laser cut on wood
  • wedding guest books designs
  • test print for poster & postcards
  • 2D super short animation
  • threadless contest
  • doodle researches & sketches
  • tribal-themed illustration on wooden mirrors
  • restocking my sticker packs for upcoming events
  • diy personal signage on wood plate
  • updating my Behance & Linkedin
  • designing works for my mom's exhibition

Many times I worked for hours, distracting myself from little things that have been holding me down. I filled my time with what I've said I would do if I had the time, but it is never enough. Too many things to do, too little time and energy.

2 more months to go.
Another week before the upcoming Eid.

It's the end of month, bills are piling up and I am beginning to feel the anxiousness :F


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