Hello Again!

It's been a while. I made some stickers for last week's event :
Here, it's for sale :)

5 cikipikis - RM2
(not including postage, sorry)

Lomo camera's fan?
Here, I vectorized and made stickers too.
A set of 4 lomo cameras : RM2
(not including postage price too, sorry)



Status : Sold Out!


3 comments on "Stickers."
  1. azreen, share skit tips..camna nak buat stickers..been wishing to make my own stickers...tapi hv no idea how to

  2. This one I vectorized using AI.
    Then hantar pergi print kat kedai.
    Tp pricy jugak print stickers :(

  3. huuuu thats my problem la klu gtu...moneeeyhhh always a problem huhu