Title : Our Journey
Material : 300 g/m² ( watercolor paper ) - acid free
Size : 10 x 10 inches for each paper

Exhibited in HIMPUN exhibition from
16 - 30 Oct 2010 at Balai Seni Lukis Negara




It can be combined from both left side or right side


It's not a doodle, it's an illustration.
Why does it differs ?
Although I drawn it spontaneously using the artline, 
I've already planned what to draw in my sketch book. 

I've come to realized that I no longer take this job as carefree as I used to.
Although I enjoy drawing very much, but as I draw, 
I pour my heart out and put my imagination in my eyes 
and let my hand roams. 

It took hours, it took days.
Until I feel okay to stop.
But it's my therapy, it made me focus :)

5 comments on "Our.Journey.Illustration."
  1. Keje yang teliti. Bagus bagus.
    Ilustrasi yang sangat sangat sangat menarik!

  2. yep doodles are spontaneous and unplanned drawing..scribbling idly..but these days ppl/we tend to forget that n we just label these types of drawings as doodles n the verb as doodling kan..:)

    regardless the names, yours still r great works, :D

  3. Hey, your work is awesome. =)

    one ques; do you use any editing program? like photoshop or Ai ?

  4. Hi sasanian,


    No, I didn't use any editing softwares.. I draw it right away using artline :)

  5. Oh my god! that is just sheer awesome!
    Its so neat and great and everything.

    I feel like crying. hahahaha -__-