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I used to have several blogs in early 2009. 
I started with my personal writing blog, doodle blog, and travel blog. I maintained those blogs separately, each focusing on their topic. Years after, I combined those blog into this one for 2 reasons :

1. I want to be known as whole. The person who writes, draws and travels is the same person. Sometimes I write about things that I like, sometimes I illustrates, and sometimes I travel. The 3 things that I'm passionate about, jumbled into one place. It goes on, archived according to the moment while I was writing each post.

2. I don't want to find a 'niche'. I don't want to put a limitation on the subject of my writing. So I spread my canvas wide here and let all writings be my forever drafts to be improved by time. I love the randomness that makes me human rather than talking about one topic in different way over-and-over. It feels a bit unnatural, no?

PS : It still troubles me sometimes, the link to this blog is : doodle-from-me but I don't really doodle anymore. Ha. I thought about changing it, but I think I kinda like the irony. 

Everything always goes back to writing tho.
This, comforts me. 

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