Doodle : Moonrise Kingdom 2

Ages ago, I did a fan-art of Moonrise Kingdom, here I just updated the digital version of it in my Behance : Moonrise Kingdom. Behance is improving, they changed their interface setting for user's portfolio - now we can use preview it for full version. Imagine looking at awesome people's portfolio on iMac, with all the detailing that can make me cry :F  

I've been asking my colleagues and siblings to create a Behance account and upload their past works there, as their online portfolio. By far, this is the only platform that I'm comfortable to use and I've been meeting with many great clients over the past few years, thanks to Behance. If you are serious in improving yourself to be a professional designer or illustrator - you should put this into consideration.

Even if you don't have any qualification in designing, but if you have a decent portfolio, there will be clients or companies that will be willing to hire you based on your personal experience alone. I'm the living proof :D 


4 comments on "Doodle : Moonrise Kingdom 2"
  1. I love the movie and I love your fan art..Awesome!

    1. I love the movie too, plus all Wes Anderson's movie ❤

  2. somehow I can relate. I don't know how to describe. I only know how to use photoshop and I did a lot of posters for my collage event even design some tshirts, some said I should do freelance instead do it for free. But I'm always hesitate about this. Can I have your honest opinion? or advice? I major in psychology, belajar design pun dgn senior.

    1. You can do for free, or let them belanja makan later.
      Create a strong portfolio and do upload them. Learn new skills and make sure it improves, later you'll be confident enough to work as a freelancer and find your own clients. I started during my uni years, that's like 6 years ago before I'm here now :)

      Honest opinion, focus on your study *I love psychology, I'm self-studying that field myself*, but always-always-always learn designing for fun along the way. Design for your friends, your clubs in your uni and stuffs, that's how I started.

      When you learn for fun, it always turns out better than usual standard education :D

      Read this :