Little Stories 64 : Time Well Spent

"Kak, you just finished working?", an Indian girl asked me in the bus. 
The watch stated around 10 pm, and the bus was half empty.

"Yes, you too?".
She nodded.

These days, it is not a norm for our people to greet and make a conversation with strangers. It's either staring blankly at nothing, reading, sleeping or holding your smartphones pretending to make a decent connection with the device while commuting to places. 

It took me several minutes to notice that she did not come from the city, her friendliness is just different. She seemed to be sending a softer vibe than most people around me.

"The city, is different than in kampung. We can go farther, achieve higher, which is good - but we'll lose something important as well. We'll work like machine, we don't make connections with people, we don't communicate and most importantly, we'll lose our family time. I think I need to work and collect all the money, then when it's enough, I'll be with my family again", and I nodded at her.


I just couldn't agree more. 
I don't mind using my time to work, I love working. But what I am concerned about is how lonely I get, the whole day. It's all silence. I wake up as early as 5am, after writing or doing freelance work, I'll get ready to work, 7.30 am to 9.30 am is my time in all the public transports, and I start my work at 10am until 7pm, and I'll arrive home around 9pm to 10pm.  

All silence. 
I hate it when everyone is staring at their phones in the bus or train. What is more important than everything around you at that moment? Why we even let those little thing entertain you for hours? There's nothing much Facebook, Twitter or Instagram's posts worth refreshing every few minutes, or several plays of Candy Crushes to occupy your time. You are idly doing nothing, at all. 

Why don't you read books, or have a decent connection with the nature, start to find interesting things about it or really communicate, instead? Why can't we see, that we are losing it all to the technology. When will you get your time for you and for other people? When will you think using your inner thoughts and reach what's inside of you? If you use all your time for nothing. 

We are getting lost in the silence that we created ourselves. 
How can we all be in the same place at the same moment but totally out of reach ?   

2 comments on "Little Stories 64 : Time Well Spent"
  1. Hi Reen,
    Lama tak dengar cerita dari Reen, sibuk dengan HP ke? Hehe...kiding.
    Ya, kak Liza setuju dengan catatan Reen, bila lihat sekeliling, semua orang terlalu sibuk dengan teknologi, FB, Tweeter etc. Even, bila bertemankan kawan-kawan pun masing-masing masih terlalu sibuk melayan telefon.
    Hairan...tak letih ke mata dok tengok skrin telefon?
    Kak Liza biasanya tinggalkan telefon di rumah kalau keluar ke kedai, taman permainan, taman tasik.
    Kalau terpaksa keluar bekerja, phone akan sentiasa dalam poket, lebih selesa melihat perangai orang sekeliling, belajar mengetahui perangai orang atau habis menyampah nak tengok orang, just zikir aje. Itu idea yang paling senang nak buang masa bila dok dalam public transport (tapi kalau naik teksi, hp sentiasa di tangan, text siap-siap nombor plate teksi pada suami kat rumah - that's how fobia I am in taxi expecially haha...)
    Teknologi bagus...tapi, pandai-pandailah guna masa yang ada...jangankan org muda, yang tua-tua pun tak ngalah...hehehe...
    Bagusnya Reen tau tentang hidup, tentang masa, tapi Kak Liza harap Reen juga faham untuk praktikkan dalam hidup Reen.
    Take care, dear.

    1. Eh kak, lama tak dengar berita.
      Yea, mmg sy lagi suka tengok sekeliling pun waktu commute ke mana2. Ada can tgk dunia sekeliling, kalau kat office tgk skrin komputer ja. Kalau kat rumah pun sama kan. So kalau keluar mmg suka menerawang tgk dunia. Tak pun membaca :D