Little Story 233 : Currently Sick Again

I fell sick again, today is the 10th day and I finally can walk and sit at my desk. 

I've been bedridden for a week, feeling awful, feeling so weak I couldn't talk or eat solid food. I was just so weak. I cried during those hard times, when I was just laying down on my bed and couldn't think of anything other than feeling really exhausted. This isn't a normal exhaustion that will go away when I rest, it is just there, exhaustion, can't even think about anything. Everything was clouded by this.

Af helped me during these hard times, he did everything around the house (while working full time). He cooked, cleaned up the house, took care of Sofi and me. Everything. We brought his computer and desk to our bedroom so that I won't be alone all the time.


My other symptoms are : heart palpitation, laboured breathing, hands shaking, feeling cold, bloated and nauseous. 

This is the continuation of the last incident in January. But we knew what was happening this time and we knew what to do. I started back on my recovery meals. Tried to consume everything good from the nature. Trying to survive feeling awful. Scared most of the time because my body wasn't cooperating.

I am setting up for a full body checkup this weekend. 

I hope it is nothing serious, or at least get an answer to all these.

4 comments on "Little Story 233 : Currently Sick Again"
  1. It's been a few years since I talked to you sis and today I found your blog and saw your post here regarding you sickness. Please take care of yourself and don't worry too much because I'm sure your hubby don't want to see you like that. Just stay strong and focus to get your health back first. I will pray for you. Be strong and he patient okay.

    1. Heyy Daniel, it has been awhile :)
      Yes, I'm taking care of my mental and physical health nowadays. Been slowly recovering and learning about it too. Don't worry, I'm in much better health this month.

  2. I Hope you are feeling better and received good news from your doctor. Get well soon!