Little Things 186 : Found

May 09, 2015

I looked back at my past and I only saw some visible faded scars. I am letting go. Maybe it comes with my full commitment in starting a new phase in life. Maybe I am unconsciously erasing all the painful memories of days that I left begin. Or maybe because I've learned to accept and I am adapting to the new idea of beautiful possibilities. 

For all I know, I stopped being in pain.
I knew I was in a lot of emotional pain for as long as I remember, and all I want is the pain to stop. I thought it was impossible, but I knew there must a way to heal. There are solutions for every problem. I met a lot of important people in my life and my big mistake was I always expect them to help me. I kept thinking : if only I can find one person that can heal me.

The thing is, I never did find anyone that can heal me.

I just finally found myself. 
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