Little Things 184 : Grey's Anatomy

May 02, 2015

I'm upset about Grey's Anatomy.
Shonda killed George (season 5), Lexie and Sloan (season 8), those incident were hard enough to process. This time she killed another main character, which is by far the hardest lost for me compared to all the other goodbyes.

I'm uploading this because the post was too long to read, perhaps listening to my babble won't take as much time :

Perhaps you would understand, if you also watched Grey's for over 10 years of your time and not watch all the seasons in several months by downloading the complete seasons right-away. I'm upset to the core and I feel like I just lost someone so dear to me T^T 
3 comments on "Little Things 184 : Grey's Anatomy"
  1. I know right..This season is kind of the most depressing season for me. I still can't digest the fact that I can't see Christina and Meredith moment anymore in this season and now I don't know when will I get over the fact that mcdreamy is dead. When I watched the 22 episode, I'm actually still hoping at the end of the episode what happened to derek is only happened in meredith's nightmare.

    Sorry rant about this here..I'm just so glad that I found someone feel the same way..

    1. It was the saddest lost in Grey's Anatomy, and I'm still processing it T^T
      No worries being the rant, I understand you 100%.


    2. *for the raaaant, not 'being' the rant. Typo :D