Doodle : The Magic Chef and my old Bamboo

May 19, 2015


So I found this in my old doodle book and thought I could use it for a practice :


Here is the clean outline in Photoshop :


and the coloured version :

I used the same family colour. 


PS : I'm finally upgrading my old Bamboo to Intuos at home too. Although using Intuos at work and Bamboo at home all this while created some minor confusions, it also taught me how to be flexible in using several different devices at a time (so it was a love-hate relationship). Bamboo is so dear and close to me, I understand all the pressure and location it needed for every stroke of lines and dots. But, the time has come for a device upgrading :D

After 6 years, it is time to pass down my Bamboo to my younger siblings.
I hope they will know how to learn to do magical stuffs with it.

And thanks AF for the Intuos presentooooo ❤ ❤ 

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