Doodle : Pink Macaron + Roses

May 07, 2015

At first it was from a task given by my boss, to make a Macaron-theme poster. I sketched everything based on all things to make the french pastry and illustrate it using tablet on my Photoshop. I had too much fun and decided to make it personal instead :D

Here is the full illustration on my Behance : Macarons + Pink


I just snap a lousy picture of the sketches using my phone :


And simply redraw it :


3 comments on "Doodle : Pink Macaron + Roses"
  1. hai kak azreen. how are you. It's been a long time since the last time I've been here. hehe. Kak Azreen, can I know how you redraw you sketches using photoshop because I designed a lot of posters lately for college, and I think I want to try design by my own sketches. Or where can I learn to do it? :)

    1. :D Hai Mida
      If you want to use your own strokes, there are 3 ways :
      1. Vector using Ai, so you have full control of the object but all in digitized vector.
      2. Illustration, but you have to use a graphic tablet. Like the one I'm using is the old one, Wacom Bamboo tablet and sometimes I used Intuos at the office.
      3. Mouse - that's for a hard core strong-willed person - because I've never done that and I saw my friend can actually draw using his mouse =.='