Little Stories 82 : That blue jogging shirt

September 20, 2014
I was walking out from my apartment's corridor when the cleaner stopped me at the grill. 

"It's opened. I need to do the mopping".

I smiled. I asked her about her busy day and she explained to me about how the management asked them to mop until the 2nd floor and leave the 3rd floor, but she can't just avoid cleaning up another 1 floor, can't she? - she asked me. I nodded and smiled, mentally unprepared for the long conversation.

Distracted, my eyes can't stop to explore the design on her blue t-shirt. A familiar design of abstract splotchy white and grey. It's the t-shirt I left near our apartment's waste house several months ago, in a paper bag with other clothes I've overgrown to wear.

How many times did I imagined random situations where someone would take those bags I left and chose whatever useful to wear? How many times did I asked myself whether what I was doing is perhaps beneficial to others? Should I throw the jeans I can't no longer wear? Should I just throw the over-worn shirt away?

I was excited. She seemed uncomfortable having my eyes staring at her chest and ended the conversation :F


It would be pretty awkward if I told her that the shirt she was wearing was my favorite shirt that I used to use to jog every week around the area. Excited tak bertempat, yes I am :D

2 comments on "Little Stories 82 : That blue jogging shirt"
  1. there were a lot of unfortunate ppl who needs our unwanted things(still good condition) . without we realize sangat-sangat memberi manafaat dan kegembiraan pada orang lain . somehow it make us happy too. kan kalau saya pun saya excited. hee

    1. Kesian kakak tu rasa I was creepy agaknya, staring kat baju dia pulak >.<