Places : Istanbul

Expensive flight tickets, lost passport, and confusing boarding time. 
If there are still stories for me to tell, I'll be back to write some more.

Behave, readers.
I'm off to Turkey.

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  1. akak azreen, if you don't mind I really want to know how you save your money and having travel fund. since, I'm a uni student . I have a lot things to buy, notes to print, food to survive. but somehow I really excited about exploring the world. do you mind to share how you manage your expenses& saving? :D

    1. I started in my high school years, tahap saving money yg extreme.
      Semua duit raya, most of pocket money, simpan dalam ASB. The only thing I'll buy is occasional books. Then dah belajar, start freelancing, not much really. Tp I was determine to have something in my travel fund all the time, so bila ada chance boleh terus grab.

      Semua on-budget jalan2 saja pun. Strictly spend duit for travel cost, accommodation and foods. No shopping and can't afford to buy stuffs for people. Nak buat macamana kan, priority comes first :F

      It's possible Mida :)

    2. ASB okay eh? ingat nak buka akaun ASB .
      Yes. Our purpose to travel to see the world not to shop. hee

    3. ASB okayy, never too late to start saving :)
      All the best ! :D