Little Things 145 : Independence

September 01, 2014

Maria Popova wrote an article on The Psychology of Our Willful Blindness and Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril, and in that article, she included a TED session by Margaret Heffernan on the Danger of "Willful Blindness".

During the Merdeka Day holiday I got yesterday, I had several conversations with my siblings on the topic of Independence Day and what it meant to them. Roughly I got the idea that we don't really put much of thought about the freedom that we are having right now because we don't really know how to compare it with 'not-having-it' at all. Simply put, that we are taking it for granted.

From the meaning of freedom to reasoning with boycotting some brands for Gaza crisis. We choose to be ignorant. There was a phase in my life when I chose not to know anything than being emotionally committed by every single crisis in the world, and I understand the ignorance. I needed that, once. Now, I prefer to know and roughly have ideas/thoughts on it. 

Let's educate ourselves.

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