Movie : The Grand Budapest Hotel

Dear Wes Anderson's fans,

You can now watch his latest movie : 
The Grand Budapest Hotel at MidValley, Pavilion or One Utama. 

A special international movie that rarely picked in here, less publicity and advertisement, you can watch it for RM 10 in the smallest movie theater in Midvalley. 

For 1 hour and 40 minutes, you will be entertained with interesting story in story, familiar faces, whimsical songs, beautiful backdrops, and little delightful things for you to find. It is definitely a fairy-tale for adult. 


I went to watch it on the first show last Thursday, surprised by the RM 10 fees and the smallest movie theater in Midvalley. I enjoyed the whole time. Simply put, he produced a perfect story for me. I felt intrigued to watch it again and again like I did for Darjeeling Limited and Moonrise Kingdom, because watching his movie is like playing 'Where's Wally?" - there will be new things for you to discover each and every time! :D

Most people might not agree with me. After all, I am his fan, things I say about him will definitely be lopsided :D But then, after the movie, I went to watch Captain America *this is after 3 months of no movies, I just think I should do a movie marathon on my day off. It was not half as exciting as watching The Grand Budapest Hotel. Maybe I am bored with the whole super-hero thing, or never-ending destruction or special effects.

Maybe I just need something simple.


4 comments on "Movie : The Grand Budapest Hotel"
  1. Azreen, nak sangat tengok movie ni lepas tengok trailer nya. Tapi macam tak ada je di JB. huhu

    1. A 'ah. Tak silap ada 4 pawagam je yg pasang movie ni.
      JB tiada kot, mmg movie nya genre indie sikit.