Doodle : Notebook Weekend


I've been too busy with works, I had no time for my doodle therapy. So I bought empty notebooks from Muji, Moleskine and GoPalm and started doodling since last week. A great weekend escape. Preparing for any upcoming events next month.

Got tired of my playlist and slow internet connection. So I downloaded Spotify to my Mac and played 'Coffeehouse Playlist' - oh remarkable technology. I can listen to 6 hours non-stop playlist of good musics without having to choose every once in a while and my slow connection doesn't even bother the playlist.

And I found a sticker-plastic wrappers for these books, so the pencilled illustrations won't smear. I remember my dad used to wrap things using these wrappers when I was small and I bought it to try it on my books. Great stuffs. 

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