Movie : The Darjeeling Limited

Last week I finished my Sofia Coppola's case study, watched all her past movies but I haven't finished up my writing on the topic yet. In the midst of all depressing Coppola's movie, I listed one of Wes Anderson's movie called The Darjeeling Limited. That lifted my spirit, because I loved it so much ! At last, another good movie in my personal movie list.

How should I summarize? You can read it here, for a proper summary or you can just watch it - better.  It's about three brothers, traveling across India to find a better meaning in life - after they haven't met for a year since the death of their father. They can't cope the pain and lost, so they were drifted apart. The oldest brother, Francis (Owen Wilson) , took charge of the situation after his near-to-death-accident and wanted them to face the problem once and for all. The other two brothers were : Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman). So it was about a self-discovery journey in India.

What I loved about the movie ? :
Read more if you watched the movie and wanted to know what I think about it. 

1. India.
The vibrant color, the music, a long train ride. 

2. The brotherly affection.
It was both joyful and funny to see how the three of them as brothers, how they effortlessly taking care and mocking one another at the same time. The oldest that acted as the leader in everything they do, the youngest as the most fragile. Or how each one of them with their own unique personality. Or how they gained back trust from one another, and stopped looking for their parents' lost love. 

3. Misguided or typical way to enlightenment.
It's obvious, how Francis planned everything accordingly and put in the itinerary in hopes of changes. He planned to visit all the spiritual spots in India and do all the religious traditions. Each time saying "Is this working?". 
Finally they found themselves among things that happened afterwards, without all the planned itinerary, those little accidents and when they finally opened up and let go of their past.

4. The symbolical items or events.
How the story is twisted from sons lost their father and mourned over his death to experiencing it again afterwards when they actually saw a father mourned over the death of his son in a little accident at the river. In losing someone or something we love, there will always be pain

How they dragged their father's huge luggages all over India, and in the final scene when they wanted to catch the train, they let go of the luggages - as a symbol of letting go of the past. Because the luggages seemed like a baggage they wanted to drag along in their journey at first. When they finally decided to let go of their past, they left it all at once.

It was the same as how Peter hold on to his father's things like : the glasses, the car key, the shaver, because he didn't want to let go. We can see how attached he was with his father. Or even the belt Francis keep on having and giving to Peter back. Or how Jack kept on running away to far-off places and wrote self-claimed fictions on their previous sadness to avoid talking about it. They wrote the film beautifully. 

5. Each character on how they faced their pains and recovered.
Main characters were those 3; Francis, Peter and Jack. Their mother was also an important role in their journey; even in the end, their mother chose to face her problem in her own way. Daw, the movie was good. 

Summary :
It was a great movie because of the good storyline, detailed characters portrayed along the movie, symbolical values, nice colour schemes and shots *let me not start on the unique Wes-Anderson's shots & camera movement please , and a nice taste of music. Even the little extra detail like how the film started captured my interest : the short story of Bill Murray, even though it wasn't even his story. Or the prologue to the film I found online, a short film called the Hotel Chavelier (13 mins) featuring Jack and his ex (Natalie Portman).  

All in all, I love it.

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