Book : IQ84 *updates*

Notes :
Although I am a woman, I am not much of a normal-chick-lit & romance fiction's reader. Book reviews reading experiences mostly came from something as odd and heavy as this or as light and inspiring as Mitch Albom & Paulo Coelho. I know majority of this blog reader is pre-adult : below 24, due to my doodle interest. So I hope you won't take my book recommendation into your account, unless you are as bookaholic as me and read for life. Thank you 


Book 1 : IQ84

It has ended well, I took longer than I intended.
Maybe due to the very slow start.

It reminds me of The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo trilogy with less big words, odd names, political complications and wordily-visual brutal scenes. Both touch topics on publication and the dark horrifying side of rape cases. Aomame is a lot like Lisbeth Salander but without the super genius brain and photographic memory. If you loved Stieg Larsson's trilogy, most probably you'll love IQ84. You can read synopsis & reviews here.

This book is not suitable for young adult, because it is a little disturbing especially the terrifying scenes on child rape - at least it was disturbing enough for me. *Although Haruki Murakami did not visually written any of those scenes - the simplicity of his writing is quite impressive. Stieg Larsson was too visual and that was impressive in a different way. If you want something different than normal fictions, maybe you can try the book. 

Self-note : 
IQ84 is not IQ level - 84 but 1984, the year the event took place and Q stands for 'question'. 
One of the main character in the book, Tengo, reminds me of my colleague at the lab. Although he doesn't write books and teach at cram school.
I love his simple way of telling stories & emotions. Might read more of his books later.


Book 2 : IQ84

I can bear any pain as long as it has meaning. - IQ84
Along with the long story dragged slowly, I managed to keep on reading, sometimes for hours in the bus, and train, completely unaware of my surrounding. *which was pretty impressive. There were disturbing intense scenes : on Air Chrysalis and those creepy Little People from the book that Fuka-Eri wrote, on finally meeting the Leader, on purification part between Tengo &  Fuka-Eri? - I need a deeper understanding on why must intercourse has anything to do with self-purification , this reminded me so much of the Dan Brown's book - Da Vinci's Code. 

If Haruki chose not to explain it in the third book, well, he would be some-what a very irresponsible person. And I'll dislike him. He can't possibly dug a hole and leave it empty. A good writer needs to explain his story.


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Book 3 : IQ84


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  1. love dragon tattoos so much!when i heard there was a fourth unfinished manuscript, felt so sad that the girlfriend couldn't get the lawful right to finish it.

    havent started anything on murakami yet, my hands are still full. thanx for the link, u've just add on my list..

  2. I already bought this book . and I'm gonna read this for sure .

    I'm really attracted to this book .

  3. any book recommendation for the beginner =]

  4. Reaaally?
    I don't think you are a beginner.

  5. uik haha serious mmg beginner la.. ada gaya bookworm gak ke =D

  6. Adaa.
    Rajin je komen kat blog posts kalau pasal buku :D

  7. haha ada ke... x ingt la pulak. Filem adaptasi novel byk la tgk, tp mmbaca novel nye mmg xpernah melainkan kat zaman sekolah dulu yg kene baca mcm2 novel hehehe

  8. Oh ye ke.
    Uh, tertipu saya.
    Beginner book reader nak baca buku genre apa?

  9. haha hmmm horror n mystery maybe. Or ada recommendation tuk genre2 lain.

  10. Horror? Mana baca horror sgt, kan dah kata penakut :p Tu dulu baca Stephen King je, beberapa buku. Tak pernah jumpa buku yg scary yet.

    Thriller ok la kot. Baca Dean Koontz.
    Tak pun Neil Gaiman.

    Neil terer bercerita.
    takde lah tebal sgt utk starter :F

  11. owh lupe pulak penakut org nye =D
    tanya sebab suka filem2 horror tu yg nak try baca buku pulak..

    Ok ok terima kasih =]

  12. baca buku yg dh diadaptasi ke novel lebih best sbb bila dia jadi movie, dia jd compact, jd ada bbrapa scene yg kena cut-out. sbb tu xbrapa suka tengok movie yg diadaptasi dr novel.

    btw sy ni nk kata chic-lit ye kot sbb suka baca Sophie Kinsella punya buku hoho. Shopaholic series tuuu ngn Remember Me? dan buku2 Mitch Albom pun sy ada baca. Sy ni pantang kalau tengok international bestseller memang terus rembat...

    1. *novel yg dh diadaptasi ke movie. *typo*

    2. Aha, dulu sy pembaca chick-lit. Semua sy dah pernah baca.

      Hampir semua Cecelia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella, Nicholas Sparks, Meg Cabot, name it, semua pernah.
      So fasa chick-lit dah habis, start fasa baru pula :D