Little Things 75 : Love Songs

I listen to almost every love songs and it reminds of my Creator. I feel like I am becoming sheepishly romantic, holding on to the only Love that seems to make sense. When others seems to lose its reasons. 

So this is what pure love feels like.
Well, it's nice. 

4 comments on "Little Things 75 : Love Songs"
  1. contoh lagu n penyanyi?
    untuk dkongsi bersama

    bg saya, Foo Figthers - Walking After You

  2. Contoh paling dekat adalah Arjuna by Ahmad Dhani.
    Dia cerita cinta dia bukan dicari dari wanita, tapi cinta yg Agung, tak jumpa2.

  3. It's more than nice, it's super! :D

  4. hehehe... well said...