Little Stories 76 : Immature Mean Kids

I'm not comfortable with kids in a certain age of 10-17. They can be a bit mean, and I usually avoid them. *salute all the teachers of the world. The age of immaturity, a sense of wanting to be someone, experimenting with different personalities all in one time. 

I always feel a bit insecure with them. They can be mean and they have their parents to back them up. I'm not fooled by their small features. Sheshh.


I ran in front of the school yesterday. Kids were walking back from sekolah agama, 'oh how I hate the time I need to run while being surrounded with a group of kids'. So I tried to walk faster, until these two little girls around the age of 10-11 wanted to walk pass me. 

"Oh excuse me, makcik", she said. I cringed.
"Eh tu bukan makcik la. Tu kakak la", her friend nudged her.
"Eh sukehati aku la nak panggil dia apa pun! Makcikkkkkkkkkkkkkk ! ".


PS : But I really-really love small kids tho.  
4 comments on "Little Stories 76 : Immature Mean Kids"
  1. Heeey mak ciiiiik !!!! mmg pun

    1. Tengok cermin dah hari ni?
      Lagi la pakcik.

    2. daaah, ada "SESEORANG" tu selalu je tanya, "kamu tengok tak cermin??"

  2. haha.. kids nowdays.
    But I really-really love small kids three ... hihi