Little Things 117 : Maps

"It's this way, yes, trust me", and we hit the wrong way.

"Okay this time, I think we are right, go this way", and again, nope.

I am bad with maps. I have no idea where to go while looking at maps, even using the high-tech voice-out Map from Google. There are too many roads, too many junctions, which one is the right way? How many times did my mom scolded me for taking the wrong turn? Or how many times did we need to fill up the gas because we keep on using the farther way?

I can't read maps, that much is true.
I am one of those woman who can't read maps, even how structured they are. 


But trust me when I say, I am good in remembering roads and places. 
Give me once, or twice to navigate around the area and all those visuals will be stored in my mind. I can even imagine the whole area that we covered from a bird's view, in my super-awesome-brain. I don't need to know how to read map. 

You navigate, I'll be your co-pilot, 
and we'll be those super-awesome duo who travel the world with both wings.

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