Little Things 119 : Designers vs the World

01 :

One of the editor came to me and asked me to find a suitable image for the latest article. We have accounts for Shutterstock and Bigstock, so finding images aren't so hard. 

He stood next to me while we both searched for suitable image in Bigstock. But none could be used. So he said to me;

"How about Shuttlecock?, 

I looked at him, "Sorry?".

"The other account. Shuttlecock."

I looked at the computer screen and smiled to myself. 
"Oh, Shutterstock".


02 :

A journalist came to me and informed me : 
"I have new photos that I found suitable for the article. 
Can you do your magic and make it usable for us?".

I sent her the edited version of the images and she said :
"I have no idea how you guys did that".


03 :

I heard a journalist commented on our work :
"These infographics you guys did are really nice. 
Too bad people don't read it".

The great thing about working in a place with a mixture of people from different field is how interesting every one of us can be. There are writers, reporters, editors, translators, designers, web-masters, photographers, videographers, and other people from sub-departments. 

Everyone of them are passionate about what they do, working on one single thing that matters to them. And I feel inspired by their energy. 

PS : Writing this on my Wednesday day-off while eating 'pau kacang' and getting ready for a jog.

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