Doodles means you spontaneously and absent-mindedly scribble or draw anything, nothing serious. Just for fun. You don't have to sketch it first, and later do the inking process, that in itself is not a doodle. That is more to an illustration or drawing, perhaps! :)

So here is a list of things, people, characters, that you can doodle :
(Pictures are taken from my previous doodle works & links are from available blogs I found)

  • Movie characters 
  • Your friends : ( done )
  • Your family
  • Your drawing tools ( done! my favorite things to doodle )
  • Your random thoughts ( done! ) :

  • Your things : 

  • Your favorite music line :

  • Devices
  • Machines :
  • Places 
  • Buildings
  • Types of flowers : 

  • Foods & drinks
  • Book Covers
  • Items on your desk
  • Funny incidents
  • Body features
  • Random people in the train
  • Bottles
  • Candy and sweet and everything nice
There are so many other items that can be doodled. Do you doodle for fun? Give me the link of your works in the comments below and I'll add it here in this post :) 

Have fun doodling!

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  1. me! me!! I do doodling!! :D check the category "doodling" and "project pieces" in
    Btw, I adore yours

  2. :D

    Sabilablabla, added your link in 'random thoughts'.

  3. hehe.. what do you mean by 'random thoughts'? is it a link?

  4. Oh, I put your link on the blog post.
    Try checking them out, it's there :)


    Hihi. But theres one doodle i tak masukkan lagi. Which is 'I draw me'