Case Study 1 : Imitation

There are many ways of learning, you can learn from observations, studies, practices, workloads and such. I tried one few months ago : imitation. Completely imitate other artist's artwork to challenge myself, and I was curious to know how well I can imitate a person's work. Well, I think imitating one's work is pretty easy, creating something out of your own imagination with your own style and stroke is harder. Usually people are easily inspired by other's artwork.

Here is the link to an artist called nidhi chanani.
Credit goes to her, of course.
I really like her soft pastel-colours mixture.

Her work ( left ) + mine in progress ( right )


Result :

* Imitated *
Same? No? Almost?


Of course you can learn other's tricks & skills, but be reminded not to be them, find yourself. You can experiment, improvise, and learn other's technique. Don't copy. And I know it's hard not to imitate especially when you are inspired by looking at other's artwork, but you can't live in other people's shadow forever, right? So find yourself.


The beauty of life is we are all interconnected,
but some people take it in negative ways,
so you need to set the limits.

Don't copy, don't imitate.
Some artists are very particular about that.


Have fun learning.

3 comments on "Imitation."
  1. love this post..i always find my inspiration by looking at other people's work, you're one of my inspiration..

    keep on your work, i really love them ^_^

  2. beautiful ..... still dunno hw to use these ps..

  3. Thanks a lot Mel :)
    Hope it will goes strong.

    Alya, keep on experimenting and learn for online tutorial. That helps :)