Imaginism Studios provides an online learning school thru Imaginism School and you can pick your favorite artist to teach you their technique in drawing. My favorite artist there is Bobby Chiu. How awfully great to get the chance to learn from your inspiration :o Right? ( Considering Alphonse Mucha isn't here anymore to teach me his method )

Well, after putting up hopes in learning from a great mentor. I browse through his class's details. For his full course which will take about 14 hours, the price is almost RM 1500 ( this is like working for the whole month ). Which I don't have the privilege to use blind-foldedly. 


Ps - Mr.Bobby Chiu, I really love your artworks. 

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  1. if you think that its worth your money, then just go for it azreen :)

  2. same here :( can't afford it :( anyway..did u know bout this? ... <---digital painting damansara perdana :D

  3. sy pun suka bobby chiu n imaginism studios mrk

  4. afrohead - Aaa, that's quite a lot of money Afro :o

    nasrul - Wow, I don't know we got classes like this here. You know the pricing? They didn't state it :o You don't teach too? Your works are quite impressive toooooooo.

    Waz - Sy tawu awk pun suke mereka jugaa :D

  5. hehehe im not sure about the short courses fee..but i did ask them about their holiday courses...last year holiday season... and it cost a lot :P obviously, i didn't take the class hahaha can't afford it..

    Digital Drawing Holiday Course, whole complete course is RM1900
    Traditional Drawing Holiday course, whole complete course is RM1600

    but I'll get back to you..when i get the pricing for the short courses.

    me teaching? I'm not sure about that. ihihih

  6. Haha, wow, costly!
    I rather have Bobby Chiu's class then.

    But I think you should teach too.
    Or you are too modest to think that you are not qualified yet? :D Trust me, you are super awesome.

  7. thanks though...maybe someday..when i have the guts to do so :P ..yeah..someday :D

    digital painting with bobby chiu

    Fees: $998 USD / SelfTaught: $470 USD <---RM 3k++ :-s u sure? :P

  8. Self taught is about RM1500 right?
    The difference is that he won't be commenting on my artworks kan? Takpe la then, takmo die komen pun. Hee.

  9. yeahh :P and just dapat grade and certificate jerh. hahahahaha oh later when u dah masuk his class..let me know eh.. :P

  10. Woorr.. When that will be.. Huhu.