This is my PSP cover 
inspired by bobsmade and locoroco :D
( my favorite PSP game )


Happy Chinese New Year! 
I've been busy working on my commission works the whole week!
I'll post it later :)

7 comments on "Psp.Cover"
  1. taknak jual ke cik azreen?
    and yes locoroco best gila!
    and you should try play PATAPON too azreen!


  2. Hee..
    Ini saya punya :D
    Patapon sudah try, tapi tak berminat pulaa..
    Puyopop fever ok juge. Kikiki.

  3. nice. best. awesome. cantik. menarik. tertarik.

    guna media apa?

  4. Always love your works that are coloured ^_^ (personal preference... I'm all about rainbows!) -- they sort of add another dimension, brings it to a more polished level. :D Although doodles are traditionally b&w, and look very intricate as outlines themselves.

  5. Love your work! Looks awesome!
    Happy Chinese New Year btw!

  6. Saiful - guna acrylic, paint and permanent marker.

    Aneesah - Thanks! I've been experimenting with colours :D

    Tamara - Hai! Thanks Tamara, your works are awesome!