It's been a month since I first started 
my daily character sketches :D

Finished the project just now!

It was hard to think of new thing to draw 
every single day.
But I managed to finish it.


5 comments on "my.30.days!"
  1. seriously azreen, i really think you should start making a comic. your characters really cute you know

    a comic strip seems to be nice :)

  2. wah!! i like ur doodle very much! comey gitu.. haha

    teruskan usaha anda :D

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  3. Afrohead - Aaa.. Kind of hard to make comic strip :p
    Tried that once. I did daily one page comic once.
    But closed that blog already :p

    Nordin - Thanks :)

  4. aw... their so kewt!
    love ur horse version giraffe. <3