Mini Escapism : Kemaman + Kuantan - Part 2

The sunrise hunters :

Af woke me up around 6 am as planned. It wasn't that hard to wake up because we all slept early the night before. So I woke Aja and Aja tried to wake Wati but failed :D Ma sarcastically said that it was way too easy for me to wake up for sunrise hunting than Subuh prayer :p Mihmihmih.

So only the 3 of us then. 
At first, we went to the Cherating Beach. When we arrived, it was still dark but it was at least 6:45 am - there should be a subtle light from the hidden sun in the sky. But there was none. We stayed for awhile, tried to explore the place but finally realized that the sun came up from behind the Cherating Hill so we might missed the first peak ! Af said that we should change the location and we drove to Pantai Mak Nik instead.


From there we waited and waited for the sun. It was such a blue morning, the battalion of clouds were marching, there was no sun rises beneath the sea :( We finally missed it. We stayed until almost 8am before heading back to our homestay house with roti tulur for breakfast.

Brunch at Warung Aziz Satar

Before we checked out, we managed to wash our car and vacuum our car. Now we know how hard it is to actually find time to clean it up especially when we are living in an apartment and park the car in the parking lot building. This was our 3rd time and it rained afterwards =.= 

We went to the same food stalls again for brunch. People weren't that many as the day before because we came not during peak hour. The foods for lunch were ready so we just decided to eat before we headed back to KL. I took my normal half rice, and ikan masak tempoyak with ulam. Those simple foods, but later one by one, new food came to our table. It was Aja again ! So there were sata, keropok lekor, sotong + udang goreng tepung, pulut mangga, and some more foods that I even forgot to list =,= Aja is one dangerous species, I tell you. She can make us all fat by these feasting habit of hers. Ha.

We were really full and happy :D
I don't know how I can survive the way back without dozing off.

After the feast, we said our goodbyes and decided to head home separately knowing that they want to shop for more food + souvenirs to bring back home and I want to explore more.


The random stop :

This time we used google map - just so I can view the road myself and see if we can stop by anywhere. I saw one small road next to the beach with 2 exit and entrance - so I lead the way to the road just to see if it leads to somewhere nice. The small road looked abandoned but clean and well taken care. There were no tall wild grasses or forest-like bushes around, but kampung houses can be seen from afar. Af parked the car next to the beach's hill and we walked to the beach. 

It was an open view to a huge white beach ! No one was around - assuming it was lunch time and I guess people don't go there during hot afternoon. But it was nice and windy, the sea was really far ahead and tiny crabs were scattering.

I was so happy. The sand looked so white under the sun. We took several shots and a huge cloud came and blocked the sun, so it weren't that hot. 


The Pandan Waterfall, Kuantan :

On the way back, we had to use the road to Kuantan to reach the highway. I saw a huge signboard about Air Terjun Pandan, Kuantan and decided that we should make a stop. I texted them in the Whatsapp group saying that Af and I were going to take a walk at the waterfall. 

About an hour later, we arrived at the area and saw my family was about to park their car as well. Hah.

There were many people swimming and having a picnic. So we walked some more deeper to reach the high view beautiful waterfall :D There was a long roped bridge to the other side - you can take a beautiful view of the waterfall here. If you are not afraid of heights. *Ma and Aja were, and we enjoyed scaring them with swaying the bridge while they walk.

We didn't went into the water, just dipped our feet to feel the cold water and sat on a huge rocks. Maybe next time we will have a proper picnic :)

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