Little Things 203 : Yoga

If I count the time when I first self-learned yoga stretches, that would be almost 2 years now. I learned the basics through some readings, video shared on youtube and mobile application. I used to do it almost everyday. But since I am back at my old apartment, I stopped the daily routine after work. There isn't much space for me to do any of those stretches at home anymore :(

So several weeks ago I decided to start taking care of 'our' healths again *this time AF is included. So we tried to find some options for our outing activities. I decided to do yoga again, but this time in public places. This is tough because I hate being seen much and yoga needs some extreme stretches that I'm quite uncomfortable to do in public. Plus, I might need proper full clothing. 


I decided to buy a black harem pants from Lazada that costed around RM 35. It is free-sized, loose, quite cheap, and of course the material is a bit smooth & shiny like lycra. I hate to imagine that people can actually see my feet so I wore a long cotton legging inside. I've never wore a harem pants before, so I didn't know how comfortable it can be! I can do all the stretches and even play around hopping here and there for parkour techniques as well :p 

2nd week, we went out to Putrajaya. AF shared his secret hide-outs - one of the location for his previous parkour training. The place next to the lake with stairs and blocks and everything. I can finally do my yoga stretches in public, sans the human :D It is the best secret location for a shy yogi because the space is lowered a bit compared to the surrounding and it's like I'm in a room with an open sky above me and big lake in front of me.

3rd week, we are trying our best to keep on continuing this activities weekly. I'm still teaching him what I know, and he is still trying to teach me what he knows :F I learned something about myself along the way; that I don't have the confidence with what my body is capable to do. Parkour is still too extreme for me! Mihmihmih.


2 comments on "Little Things 203 : Yoga"
  1. My friends and I bought harem pants (more like Ali Baba pants, not as extreme as harem :P) when we travelled in Morocco. First time pakai, my comment was "selesa sangat, rasa macam tak pakai seluar"!

    1. Kann, it was almost like wearing a long loose skirt but definitely not a skirt :D
      Mine is just exactly like Ali Baba pants but I thought it is still called harem pants but it is just not the low cut one ?