Plant Project : Succulents


By now, I should have around 7 succulents, but 2 died because I over-watered them in the earlier part  of the project when I was learning them. I usually water them once/twice a week or when I see the upper part of the soil is too dried. Not knowing much about planting, some plants weren't properly equipped with proper drainage - that leave them with damp soil in the deeper part causing their roots to rot and die. Hm. 

But, I'm not giving up over some failures, I'm still going to learn as much as I can. I bought another succulents siblings of 4 for RM 3.50 yesterday at a little nursery near Ampang Point : 

I just transferred these 4 into a ceramic bowl with zeolites instead of normal soil so I can avoid over-watering them after this : 


Propagating :

Several weeks ago I started collecting accidentally fallen leaves from these succulents for propagation. I was a bit skeptic - I didn't feel like this could actually work but I saw people were doing it over Pinterest. So I took 2 leaves from my mom's succulent and put them on a soil, left it next to the window where it can receive sunlights. I sprayed water every morning and sometimes at night if the soil is too dry.

One completely withered and died, another one started rooting. 
This is after around 2 weeks, with new tiny roots! :

So it actually might work ! Although it is a very super-slow process, I'm excited to see this improvement. I'll keep this post updated for any news. These are other accidentally fallen leaves that I collected :


Minka killed :
2 batches of Okra/Bendi - around 14 seedlings
3 persimmon seedlings
5 pomegranate seedlings
1 little chili plant

So I bought 1 rounded-chili plant and rosemary. Pegaga is too cute to be eaten just yet, but I started using rosemary in my cooking now. I'm still considering to use these plants for cooking - it feels a bit barbaric to pick some leaves and throw it in my cooking. Hm. Is it possible for plants to actually feel pain?

I also make use of fallen leaf from Aloe Vera - and put it on my dried heels. From 1 tiny dying Aloe Vera that I rescued from my mom's home, now I have 6 more little babies from the same plant. See? I can also do right with some of the plants.

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