Plant Project : Little Seedlings

Planting Journal :

While hundreds of little seedlings grow every day, there will be little deaths as well among the fragile ones. I have to accept that not every little thing can survive growing up, even in a very well-cared environment. 

I try to accept that little deaths are normal in this gardening cycle and to not be overly emotional because among all that did not survived, there are also the ones that still struggling to grow T^T


They looked so small and fragile, even watering them requires time and patient because every drop is too heavy for their thread-like-stem. So I try with spraying water and making the water flow on empty soil instead on where they are. I killed a bunch of Petunia seedlings, I'm not going to repeat that with Sweet Alyssum and Carnations T^T

Surprisingly, they grow well in a small container compared to in a big pot among hundreds of them. These are much healthier and growing faster than the first batch I that planted in a other bigger pot :

Sweet Alyssum in a very tiny green tea cup and Innershines bottle.


And Pegaga is growing up well too, look at those little babies. When I first brought it home, it got around 5 leaves, now it look like more than 10 leaves. My dad said that Pegaga and Keladi are among pet plants that easy to grow in the house with less direct sunlight. With using Zeolites, I only need to water it about once every 3-4 days. So I bought another pack of zeolites from my dad for other plants as well.  

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