Book : Hard-boiled Wonderland & End of the World

I finished reading the book last week - after a week. I finally found Murakami's book that I really like and would recommend if anyone wants to try any of his book *before this I found it hard to recommend his book because I was worried people won't like his odd writing, pace and mood. But this time, I really enjoyed the story. Almost all of his books are bringing different style : for example, 'Norwegian Wood', 'Sputnik Sweetheart', 'Colourless Life of Tsukuru Tazaki' are more like stories about life. While 'Kafka on the Shore' & 'the Wind-up Bird Chronicle' are a mixture of some unexplained oddity and life. 

'Hard-boiled Wonderland & End of the World' is a semi science-fiction/fantasy genre written in 1985.
Not quite sure how he got the idea of those parallel world of reality and subconsciousness. There was this one chapter that explained the scientific explanation on those theories - and that lost me. But other than that, I found the book really fun and worth my time reading.

I really like the part in the odd town where everyone is called with names like; The Gatekeeper, The Librarian, The Dreamreader, etc, people don't have shadows, and there are beasts that will die every winter and keep people's old dreams in its skull? Which would probably doesn't make any sense at all but it would, if all of those are written in metaphors. And if it does, than that is a stroke of geniuses. I still have too many books to read and don't have much time to reread it yet, and Murakami always said, "Just read, I don't write in metaphors!". Well, I don't believe him.  

This book deserves 4 stars with some cherry tomatoes on top.



And that, wrapped up all his books for this year.
It's sad to say that I finished all of his books, except 'After the Quake' - *which I won't buy, but find someone with the book, to borrow. This year has been my great reading year, because I found Murakami, and got the money to keep buying all of his books *chances to buy books has always been a privilege for me, because books can be quite expensive. I am really happy for this.

Currently I am reading David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas.

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  1. Reen I'm so digging your little pots there. Did you paint your shelves white? My friend left the same shelves too before she moved out but it's brown and worn out. Kinda an eye-sore but now I know I jst need white paint and some pots of pegaga

    1. Yes, I actually painted every old book shelves, little desk, big old reading desk, mini table in the apartment, to white. So, every hand-downs now look decent and new ❤