Random : Another rambling report

1. The rashes from Urbanscapes are still visible and itchy. Urbanscapes mentioned in their Facebook about how the rashes came from the caterpillars in the field - although I didn't even sit on the grass or touch anything, as far as I can remember. But let's be patient, this is not the first time I've encountered any allergies, and I already ate some antihistamine and cut my nails so I wouldn't scratch my hands.

2. Three days to go from the Fan Run 2013 at Putrajaya. This month I've ran over 35km for my training sessions, getting ready for my first 10 km run+walk or 6th/last run for this year : 
4 times - 5 km, 
1 time - 7 km, 
1 time - 10 km.  

I usually list everything and count things as personal little achievements. One odd thing that I realized about myself is I do things that I don't want to do, just because. For example I don't want to run more than 7km after my first try-out several months back and suddenly I signed up for 10 km run. Or I said many times that I don't want to take the scariest ride *for me in Genting : Space Shot and suddenly I tried that 3 times - *that 3 times I regretted my own decisions
I don't understand the need to do things that I don't want to do, they clashes one another, but I keep on doing them.

3. I bought some lamb leathers imported from the US because I failed to find any local supplier. I've been playing around and experimenting with them these couple of days. It's a slow learning process but having a crafty hands are quite handy - watched tutorials and designs I love from the net and I'm trying to do my own version. This is very fun.

4. I'm having my fifth interviews next week.    

5. Shaun Tan blogged about the Oopsatoreum Exhibition in Sydney next December and I asked him whether there'd be any chance at all, in meet & greet session. He replied saying he won't make it to the exhibition and will post updates if he will ever be doing any appearances. 
I can actually cry over the excitement like a young high-school-girl receiving a reply from the person she admires at school. This is 'the' Shaun Tan that I have been mentioning since 2010 in this blog. 'The' same Shaun Tan that I've been saying "the only reason I'll go to Australia is probably because they got Shaun Tan - no other reason". This admiration is insane.

6. Confession : Every time I'm lacking ideas to write, I'll ramble on updates of my life - which is one of the narcissistic thing that a writer can write about. I just need to write or pretend to write and ignore those drafted files I've been composing. Yes. Very productive. Plus, I love to read about my past months just so I can compare it with the present moments. Hm. Still sounding narcissistic. 

7. It's almost 12 am and it's raining. 
It's either complete silence or annoying rambles. 
So I chose this.

Thanks for still reading !
5 comments on "Random : Another rambling report "
  1. Akak, Syahmi dah buat payment cuba cek e-mel tu... ^^

    1. Syahmi, akak dah pun send barang itu :)
      Maybe nxt week tiba ya.

  2. Owh... okey.. ^^ Sorry lambat bagitau akak. Owh.. tentang poskod akak salin betul-betul or akak ada betulkan? Typo masa tu..

    1. Ah salah?
      Erm, mana akak tahu poskod di Kedah.
      Akak tulis sama mcm dlm email la : 06910.

  3. Yeayh.. Thank you Akak!! You're the best!!!