Event : Milo Breakfast Run

Yesterday, I went to my first 7km run ! Along with my brother and his friend, Ridir, I also met my high school friends : Tasya & Din. The event was held in UPM. We arrived around 6.40am, and started running at 7.15am. I forgot what happened most of the time while I was running, maybe because I expected it to be a lot tougher than my previous run so I focused on keeping track of my pace. I gave myself quite a lot of time slowing down so that I can keep on running. It took me one hour to complete the 7.8km run - recorded by Runkeeper. 

After the run, we took our goodie bags consisted of several packets of instant Milo, a Milo mug in Milo tote bag. We also received the finisher's medal for completing the run less than 1 hour 30 minutes ! We drank as much cold Milo offered to us and stayed until it was too hot for me to handle. 

Cheeky faces

My brother's friends

Tasya and I

My fourth or fifth cup of cold Milo.

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7 comments on "Event : Milo Breakfast Run "
  1. well done .looks fun.
    you love to run a lot don't you? haha

    1. Yeah, I love running.
      That's the only thing that I'm good at :| *in outdoor activity

  2. rajinnya kak azreen join event lari-lari ni :O

  3. ooookkk.........(jealous sbb termiss)