Event : Kidney Day Run 2013

Hello Sunday !

I did my third public run this morning at Putrajaya with my brother, friends, and colleagues. It was by far the most happening running event for me. I was surrounded by people that I recognized :D and I really hope this would not be the end of it. I can't openly say how excited I was, but, yes, I was really excited ! Thank you Azmi, Ridir, Tasya, Faizah, Kak Ina, Ihsan, En.Zizi, En.Aizil, En.Zali and Aliya ! 

New record : 35 minutes for the 5 km run ! 
Much better than the previous run, but that mainly because I saw my friend was trying to beat me - and I hate that. Hah. I was nauseated afterwards, padan muka.

Anyhow, I finally reached my 100km all-time distance in Runkeeper. *it's currently 110km !
And I need to train for the upcoming Milo Breakfast Run and Mines Charity Run, in two weeks time.

Secretgroup Family

My brother, Azmi

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  1. Azreen, Azreen. May I ask something. No not about the runs. You know you did your sleepy plug? What was the white background? Acrylic? Spray paint?