Mini Escapism : Genting Highlands 3

In this short escapism, I decided to take the scariest rides *for me. I wanted to fight it, I wanted to taste it and I wanted to shout like a winner. This was an easy pick, I avoided this particular ride in all the theme parks I've ever visited : Space Shot.

On this ride, we were seated on a 3x4 seats, each facing the public. They asked us to put the bag down, take out the glasses and enjoy the ride. It brought us to the highest point, where we can see the whole Gohtong's hill from above, and it fell at the fastest speed possible. Once, twice, and three times, before it stop.

I was finally on the ride that I feared for so long. 
On the highest point I asked my siblings many many times,
"Why did I agreed on this? This is stupid. I don't want to play this anymore."
They just laughed. 

Here, let me tell you what it felt like on the 5 seconds halt before it fell down.
It felt like having a panic-attack, the shortage of breath, the heart pumping blood getting too fast to handle it almost felt like it is no longer working, the things that came to your mind at that point, the silence that felt like death is so near. 

When it finally fell down so fast, I shouted as loud as I can and the fear just disappeared, it turned to laughters. And more laughters and smiles. 

It was a great feeling to finally overcome my fear of falling ridiculously fast.

PS : We actually repeated the ride three times. 
By the third time, I thought I can handle it.
I was wrong, it was the final ride before they closed it, so they gave us a combo ride. Different than my two previous rides, and we weren't expecting it. Our final ride was the perfect wrap up for the fun play.


What did I learned from this ?
If you are afraid of something, give it a try. If you don't like it, you can choose not to do it anymore in the future. But if you refuse to even try, you will never know what it feels like. You can imagine, but it will never be the same as really experiencing it. 

I tried three times, each time, on the highest point, I actually asked myself "why on earth did I agree to do this?", but eventually I managed to get through it. Even if I didn't like it, I enjoyed my personal achievement. That, felt so good.

Plus, don't ever expect things to stay the same. At one point, when we put our expectation too low, and given a surprise, we will be too shocked to respond. Haha. 

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  1. Saya dah main hampir semua permainan di Genting tapi paling takut Space Shot ni dan buaian berpusing-pusing macam nak baling kita dekat dinding tu. Haha...