Event : Walk & Run 2013 *update*

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After the previous Brooks Run 2013, for my second run this year, my brother and I registered for the World Kidney Day Run 2013, happening this April 2013. After several days of considering whether to sign up for the fun run 5km or competitive run 12 km open for women, I've decided to choose for the 5km run. 

In making this decision, I asked myself "Why did it matters so much to me ? What is my sole purpose of running with the society? . I know I do this for fun, I know I do this so that I'll keep on the training mode. Will 12 km run be fun for me? Probably not, considering I always go for less than 5 km training.

I am not trying to prove anything, so I hope this would be another fun run I'll enjoy.
It's limited to first 5000 participants, so register today before 5th April ! 27 days to go !

And for my third run, I just registered for Milo Breakfast Run in UPM for this upcoming 19th May 2013. I signed up for woman open - 7 km. *phew..


Here is the forth run : The Standard Chartered Fun Run 2013 in Putrajaya, on the 26th May 2013. I signed up for the 4km run with Tasya and my brothers are up for the 8km run ! You can sign up here.


For the fifth run, I've registered for the Mines Charity Run 2013, the event is on the 2nd of June 2013,  for another 5km fun run. The event is open for only 1,000 registrations, so I guess I need to be fast -
*I registered right-away after they informed about the opening here. Update : The registration is full.

For the sixth run is Larian Kitar Semula on the 15th June, at Padang Merbuk, KL.


At least for once in my life, I want to try half-marathon. Once is more than enough. I am not going to sign up for bone & joint problems later in life. Exercise moderately is great for your body, but for avid marathoner, it's going to eat you from the inside, be warned ! Marathon is a bit too much for your body, *you can read a lot of researches on that. Take this note Azmi! 

PS : For those who are still new in running, marathon is actually a 42 km run, and half-marathon is 21 km run, less than that basically just called a run, less than 7km ( 5km , 3 km) is usually called a fun run. 

PS 2 : Plus, use this awesome app called Runkeeper, it keeps track of your running activity. By far, I ran for more than 80km 114km since I used it. Wicked !

PS 3 : Why sign up for a run when you can go jogging for free in the park? It is just for the fun motivation. If you signed up for a run, you need to pay for the registration,  you just have to keep on your training mode whether you like it or not. Easy catalyst, that's why I signed up for one run every couple of months this year. Plus, I love their free running shirt and goody bag.

Why don't you go to the gym instead? Gym is well-equipped with all the training equipments, but I think it's a bit overpriced. I don't recommend you to go to the those commercial gyms.  

+PS 4 : I think 5 runs 6 runs in a year is enough for now. Let's slow down :D

PS 5 : Happy running !

4 comments on "Event : Walk & Run 2013 *update*"
  1. couldn't agree more ! and your tips really helpful to me :D

  2. how far you run everyday and how you manage your time to run and working ??

  3. I can only run on weekends :D
    No time on weekdays, work + rain + other made-up excuses :D