I just finished reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald and Ring by Koji Suzuki. I failed in reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods because of the vulgar language that reminded me so much of Stephen King's old books. I'll probably ignore the book for another several months before giving it another try. It's odd what time can do to my interest in books. 

For now, I need something refreshing so I'm going to hunt for books later. 

Books I just finished reading :

Basically the book is the whole conversation between Neale and God. Somewhat a bit controversial, definitely for an open-minded people who don't mind arguing with their thoughts and emotions and everything they have ever learned in life. If you are searching for something different and you are interested in theology and philosophy of life, then here's one. It's not fiction !

Some people might argue with the contents, some might refuse to accept anything it offers. But for me, it was an interesting read, a deeper love to my own God and myself, some personal cynical thoughts and arguments here and there.

Anyone who says a book, a movie, a song, a belief, a religion or anything that matters will corrupt your mind - probably they have the weakest faith of all people. I believe in what I believe in, and I don't mind learning anything as long as I have the deeper meaning in life. 


I watched the movie when I was young, and I didn't like it. I didn't like any horror movies in particular so I shouldn't really point this out :D 

Well the movie was based on this 1990's Koji Suzuki novel.  I didn't remember much from the movie so I can't make any comparison. But the book offered much more detailed investigation and nothing too ghastly. I read in 3 days while commuting to work, a light creepy reading. I avoided reading it in my room because I didn't want any Sadako's aura lingering there.

I need to pass it around so the virus will continue to spread among human-kind, so please read.


Current book count : 11 of 26

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  1. I read American gods by Neil but hated it midway. cant remember why. Only thing I remember was they drove the car far and a lot, and some totem red indian thing. Good thing Neil wrote Starfall, else I'd be bashing him for no reasons.

    What's with the 26 count?

    1. Yeah, I think his children books are okay.

      The 26 count ? Oh, click on the link :D
      It's my personal 2013 goal : 26 movies, 26 books.