Little Stories 47 : Migraine and Fun Rides

My head pounded rhythmically for over 3 days now, a bit longer than what I usually have. I used to warned myself that there's a small tumor living up in my brain but I read brain-tumor symptoms many times and it is nothing near to tumor. So I made a self-diagnosis and called it a migraine cycle. 

For that, I decided to go to the park and have a walk after work with Tasy. I can't run yet, it was a bit painful to move too much. I managed to walk for over 6km, less than 1 hour , *wohoo! We went back to the lab, had a cold delicious new Chatime flavor that I've come to adore : Cocoa Latte , a mixture of chocolate and milk and lots of sugar.

We had a nice little surprise birthday party for my colleague - Happy Birthday Kak Ina ! and we went to the Euro Funfair at Bukit Jalil, near our lab. Good old little fun-fair. I mentioned in my previous blog post on my favorite rides, so we had those ride. Imagine having all 7 grown-ups on a bumper car rides, crashing one another, laughing as hard as the stomach can handle. I love their faces on the 3 minutes ride, it's priceless.

The price of each ride was a little expensive to my liking, imagine we need to pay RM 12 for Vortex ,  RM 10 for Ghost House, RM 8 for Top Gun, RM 6 for Bumper Car and such. Oh, plus RM 4 entrance fees. A bit too pricey. So I only took 2 rides. 

The Top Gun was fun, I thought it would be fast, it wasn't. And the most fun part was when we were turned upside-down, it was a beautiful sight! Shimmering colours were everywhere ahead of us and the pitch dark sky was below us. Maybe I got used to those previous fun rides with my siblings, so I didn't feel nauseated and I actually enjoyed it. Ahh, I love being young. 

PS : New sticker stocks coming up soon - *at last !

The Top Gun !


3 comments on "Little Stories 47 : Migraine and Fun Rides"
  1. Funfair lama xpergi..suka naik roller coaster jea..hehe

  2. Adik2 saya suka naik roller-coaster.
    Saya... ikut naik kalau di ajak beberapa kali.