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I was on the track again for work, this time my destination was Lipis. I think this is my first visit here. Lipis is one of a town in Pahang with local heritage and ancient buildings. I've visited all 14 old buildings that were built on early 1900s and snapped some pictures for me along the way.  

It was a very hot day and I think I've never been sweating this bad that fast. I walked around the small town. People were looking, I wonder how odd for them to see a woman wearing office attire on a very hot afternoon, snapping photos.

I love those buildings, they got a year written on each of them.

I am not sure the name of the temple. That was my first visit to a temple. I took my shoes off, my feet cringed with heat. I saw an indian man came to me.

Can I take some photos?

He smiled and nodded. Yes, yes, you can even go inside.

My heart jolted. So I took several photos outside and more photos inside. The hall was empty, I felt a bit awkward. Maybe because I've never been to others' holy place before.


Old railway station, 1926. 86 years old. 
How can we compete with that?


I've also visited their local zoo, which is called 'Zoo Lipis'. Entrance fees for adult - RM 3 and children - RM 2. The zoo was deserted and I failed to see the beauty of it. Most animals looked weak and sleepy. Those cages were pretty small for each of them. I pitied them all. 

Even so, I saw many interesting animals like owls with HUGE evil black eyes that excite me, Malaysian foxes that looked different from what I usually see on TV,  Kongkang that my mom used to mentioned, monkeys with red asses, naughty hornbills and many other animals. 

Pretty decent for a local attraction.


For a person with a huge interest in traveling, I admit that I haven't really explore my own country yet. I've been here and there but not entirely on exploring mode - more like a short visit. But this year alone, I've been lucky enough to get a chance to go to many places in Malaysia.

Listing it down may not be helping much but I'm an avid lister :
Fraser's Hill, Cameron Highlands, Perhentian Island, Kuantan, Lipis, Bukit Tinggi.

*I've even marked down those places!


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