Lesson 2 : Search for Happiness

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I'm currently reading Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord.


Taken points from his book, I'm going to share his findings :

Lesson 2 :
Happiness often comes when least expected

People love surprises. I used to think that I dislike surprises, because I've never really experience it so I chose to assume it doesn't feel that good. But it feels reaaaaally good, I can assure you.

Imagine, you walk in a store for window shopping like you normally do, and then someone drag you to the counter and say : " Congratulation, you are our 100th visitor for today, you will receive a RM 100 voucher to spend on anything in the store. Have fun! ". *That is the most random thing I can possibly think of right now, and it is super cliche'. But there you, a possibility of having something unexpected. It can lighten up your day!

When we are least expecting something to happen, and it happened, "Boom!", adrenaline flows fast, your heart races, you will blush/laugh/smile/cry, those are the FUN part.

PS : But gimmick, for me, is a mood spoiler. I hate gimmicks.


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