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May 02, 2017

Short weekend !

We've been waiting for our short weekend escapism since I received the invite to my former best friend in school 2 months ago. It was supposed to be a group trip with my sisters and Tasy (and her partner) but they had other plans that weekend - so Af and I continued with our original plan. 

We booked the hotel in Alor Setar a week before the weekend using Agoda, paying extra to collect AirAsia points :D We opted for a hotel instead of Airbnb because I really wanted a special treat this time. I wanted the fancy bathroom and clean towel and comfy pillows and breakfast buffet and all those in package. I couldn't find decent Airbnb in Kedah so I didn't mind paying extra for a hotel instead of budget motel (it is not even that much of a difference in term of the price). 

We woke up quite early that Saturday morning, by 630 am we were already in the car. Af drove the whole way, while I slept on and off (because I'm a terrible partner and the worst morning person if I didn't get enough sleep). We arrived at Alor Setar around 1230 pm, a bit too early for the wedding. I changed to my red kurung at the public toilet near Alor Setar toll station and because I was famished, we headed straight to the wedding :D

I greeted her parents and her brother as awkward as I can. 
I asked Af why I was there (because she came to my wedding and she used to be my best friend and we wanted a reason for an escapism) - I agreed. 

The wedding was nice, I didn't see any familiar faces at all (none of friends from school). After one whole hour, I reached out to the newlyweds, wished her congratulation and she was a bit busy, so I bid her goodbye. That was it :F 

Come to think of it. 
We were really-really-really close for 5 years in school and now we are hardly friends. I wish I can explain to her about my introversion and my lack of connection was due to me trying to find myself in those silence that I needed so much. But not many of my friends understand, and I didn't understand it as well during those time, so I lost almost all of my friends in the process. But hey, the one who stayed matters.


Restoran Ikan Bakar Anjung :

Anyway, after we checked in and rested for a few hours, we headed to the nearest beach spot in Alor Setar. We used random Google Map search because there was no nice beach spot recommended by anyone. There's hardly any beautiful beaches in North region - we explored so many, most beaches were very-very depressingly dirty. Remember : Lumut - Tanjung Sepat - Pantai Morib ? These places were very dirty, the pollution is bad, guys.

We headed to a restaurant near the beach hoping for a nice sunset view, but we only found a dirty beach, again T^T I was a bit disappointed, so I only took several pictures and went straight to order foods. Bonus point : The food was nice, we ordered several seafood dishes that costed RM 40 (nasi putih, tomyam campur, sotong goreng tepung, lala masak lemak).

The map :

The storm came soon after so we headed back. We didn't go anywhere at night because I like to stay indoor when the night comes (I have no idea why). It is one of my paranoia I guess.


Menara Alor Setar :

Day 2 - For RM 9, you can reach the observation deck at Menara Alor Setar (88m) and get the 360 view of the city. You can see Gunung Keriang from afar as well, awkwardly separated from other mountains like a sore thumb. It reminds me of me when I stand among others in events.

There's nothing else you can do on the deck other than take photos, maybe you can eat ice cream, because they do sell ice cream and random snacks. That's about all :F There isn't many things to do on the deck, they should have done some interesting stuffs (like what they have in Japanese tower buildings).

Google Map :


Restoran Ikan Bawal, Sungai Petani :

For lunch, we headed to a random restaurant in Sungai Petani. This is a restaurant specialized in Kari Ikan Bawal sets. We wanted to make random stops along the way when we headed back home, so we found the place via Google. The food was decent, for RM 8.50, I got a plate of ulam and sambal, ikan bawal, nasi putih and a small bowl of curry. 

It was a really sunny afternoon, very hot and uncomfortable, I got my usual headache soon after. 


We headed to Pantai Redang Sekinchan after our lunch, we were so far from everything (4 hours+ from Sungai Petani) after almost 2 hours drive from Alor Setar. It was so weird, everything was extra farther that our previous trips. Not sure whether because we used alternative roads or because we just picked the wrong way to get there. Halfway through, we were in the palm plantation area and the rain started to fall heavily. The super bad one, almost no cars around us and it was hard to even see the road. I suggested that we head home instead of going to Pantai Redang (I don't feel good about the trip), so Af agreed. That itself took around 3 hours more to reach home ! It was just a bad trip + bad weather =.=

When we got home, surprise, surprise, our room and kitchen were flooded by the rain + wind from the previous thunderstorm that afternoon. The wind was so strong, it opened all of our windows and rain fell inside. I was so frustrated and demotivated, seeing most of my postcards and cards were destroyed, the bed was 1/3 wet, the floor was wet T^T and I was super exhausted from the long travel. But Af was there, things wan't so bad if he's there with me. 

He said that maybe it's time for me to make new postcards, more artworks to sell, now my local e-shop is available and it's okay if things like this happen from time to time. It is just a reminder :F


That's the end of our short escapism to Kedah :F

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