Little Stories 210 : Awan's New Enemy Part 4

It has been several months since the cat flea attacks on us and Awan. We still haven't find the way to be completely cat flea - free. The worst victim is probably Aja, the others only had a mild bites here and there. 

Early this month, I decided to to try the Frontline Combo Spot-On Cat - the one that I bought several months ago in this story. This is my plan B : to use powerful insecticide on Awan in order to stop this problem completely. We've tried so many things, and I'm desperate. I used the flea comb every 2 days, and it got to the point that I can catch around 15 - 30 fleas daily! I wash the beddings every 2 weeks and clothes every day. I use the roller twice every day, every where! I banned her from my room completely. 

I'm just exhausted. So Plan B it is.

1. That weekend, Mi shampooed her with Machiko Flea Control Shampoo. Afterwards, Mi called me and showed me Awan's fur on the stomach part where we saw around 5 dead fleas tangled in her fur. I never saw any of this, so I just became convinced with the shampoo that day. I decided that Awan needs her shower at least every 2-3 weeks, even though she hates it. Now it becomes compulsory and Mi is in charge of that.

2. Two days after she showered, I dotted the Frontline drops on her neck. She licked her fur vigorously afterwards, I think she can smell something different with herself. Ha.

3. I didn't use the flea comb for 3 days. Until I saw one dead flea on her fur, that means the poison works! Tried combing her fur and got only 4 fleas :D Compared to what I caught daily for so long, this shows a good chance that this plan B might work.

4. Two weeks passed, today I combed her again. 
I didn't catch any fleas. ANY fleas ! :D

5. She still needs her twice monthly shower and Frontline dots every month for at least 2 more months. And we will see what's the next plan after that.
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