Movie : The Lunchbox (2013) & Piku (2015)

While I was sick, Af found this awesome movie : Lunchbox (2013), directed and written by Ritesh Batra. He found out about the movie while researching on poster design and he shared me the link to the trailer. We watched the movie later that night.


The main character is Irrfan Khan, the guy from Life of Pi :D
It was a good movie with quite a unique storyline between 2 strangers. I love how simple the story developed, in everyday life, life as a retiring accountant and life as a housewife, innocent friendship, realistic ending, every thing was just nice. I can definitely relate to this compared to any super-heroes-sci-fi-zombie-spacel-travel movies. 


Things I like from this movie :
  • The story - no superheroes, no aliens, zombies, elves, werewolves, other realms, dragons, superpowers, or anything else rather than what we really have here. Simple story.
  • The innocent relationship development between those two
  • The snail mails 
  • No ridiculous running, dancing, singing moments
  • The ending, when reality hits you
I highly recommend it.


Update : Piku ( 2015 )

Anon recommended Piku after I posted this post, so we searched and found the movie. We just got the time to watch it last Saturday night :D 

Yes, it is mainly a story about father-daughter relationship : Amitabh Bachchan & Deepika Padukone added with Irrfan Khan as the taxi driver. The story somehow make me feel connected to both my parents : imagine if both my mom and dad combine into one person, it would be definitely like the father (Amitabh). The fussiness, the outspokenness, the stubbornness, the self-claimed 'critical-thinking' ness,  the dependency, the ridiculous arguments, all combined into one person. I imagined how hard can parents be, how ridiculous sometimes - the person who we should look above to, the title that they gave themselves and we had to accept it no matter what.

And all those little fussiness that make them so human, so flawed, so like us. 

Things I like :
  • All Deepika Padukone's styles & attires during the whole movie. It looked so comfortable, decent and simple. She wore less makeups, effortless scarf over loose kurtis and comfy pants. I never thought I would notice this, but those clothes are inspiring enough for me !
  • Coincidentally Irrhan Khan again ! 
  • Those ridiculous arguments between all of them.
  • No ridiculous running, dancing, singing moments.
  • The ending, yes.

4 comments on "Movie : The Lunchbox (2013) & Piku (2015)"
  1. try watch Piku. Sweet story abt father and daughter

    1. It's 2015's movie! :D
      Okay we will search for it, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. hai azreen.. Thanks sebab recommend filem ni. Dah tengok dan sangat best!

    Kalau ada masa try tengok "The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)".. :)

    1. Oh oh, thank you.
      We got it, will watch it this weekend. Tengkiuuuu :D