Little Stories 223 : Interview + Shaun Tan + Blood Donation

Yesterday I went out in the city for the whole day - because surprisingly I got called-in for an interview *even though I'm not ready to apply anywhere yet. They found me through Jobstreet and thought I might be a good candidate so we made an appointment to meet up for the second-phase interview *ma was so happy and excited when she heard that people are calling in to "offer" a permanent job =.=' 

I spent the whole day window shopping and book hunting at Basheer, Popular and Kinokuniya around KLCC + Avenue K. I had short lunch at Sushi Box - ate a small bowl of plain udon while reading Game of Thrones. I arrived at the Intermark 2 hours early so I sat at the hall reading a comic that I bought to pass the time. It's been awhile since I relax and do nothing but reading and walking.

The interview was okay - I didn't come to impress so I got nothing to be nervous about, I had difficulties explaining the technical parts for some of the projects especially when they asked about projects I've done 4-5 years ago. I forgot, and I didn't practice and I don't think I'm fully qualified for a 100% - UI/UX position. I pointed out my major concern because I know my salary requirement is a bit high considering I am at senior level now - but in graphic design, I'm definitely new to UI/UX field. For this, I think I'll probably won't be short-listed for the third phase interview. But that's totally fine :D


For the happy exciting part is I found the latest Shaun Tan's graphic book : The Singing Bones. Basically there are 75 short fairy-tales that inspired Shaun tan's sculptures, so there's no illustrations this time around. I'm still his big fan, so I had to buy it for my collection sake 


After all the hassles and dramas in the city, I headed back to Af's office so that we can go home together. I waited for him at the hall, managed to finish several chapters for Game of Thrones. 

Our next plan for the day : Blood Donation program at our gym. 

I saw their poster last week so I took note in my organizer to remember the program. I know Af was reluctant so he would probably buat2 lupa but it's been a while since my last blood donation. I didn't want to missed it. 

We both finally signed up and filled in the form, there weren't many people so I didn't have to wait long. The process was quite fast and the nurses were nice and helpful. Unfortunately for AF's part, one of the assigned nurse couldn't find his nerve because of his built-up muscles. The nerve was a bit hidden and hard to find :D And to make it worse, he took longer to wait for his blood to fill up the pack afterwards because it was stuck a bit *the nurse had to circle/whirl the needle a bit to clear up the path :F Af must be feeling awful - he didn't even fully agree to needles and blood but seeing I was so excited, he must have done it because of me. 
Note : Thank youuuu Af, you are saving lives just by donating your 450ml of used blood, think about that! And your body will reproduce fresh new blood cells in 4-8 weeks, healthy ones 

What we also got from the Blood Donation are : 7days free gym days *I'm passing this to Tasy + Free basic body checkout. 

So based on the calculation : 
My body fat is normal, my visceral fat level is good, my bone mass is a bit low, my muscle mass is high which is good, and my water percentage is low. So she said that I will need a good healthy eating plan and keep on working out so that I can turn those extra flabs into muscle instead. I would also need to drink more water. 

Plus my metabolic age is 25, four years younger than my actual age :D Wihuu. 
My next aim is having a fitter and leaner body.

2 comments on "Little Stories 223 : Interview + Shaun Tan + Blood Donation"
  1. Guilty of being old-school, I'm in the same boat as Ma. We like the idea of 9-5 job, it means security. But you're certainly capable of standing on your feet and making monies by freelance.

    On a different note, that's very kind and noble of you to donate blood, I know I cried every single time whenever blood test is required. Besides, I would not fit the requirement for blood donating. I heard you'll get free medical treatment if you donate enough of blood. And Eih, don't you blind AF with love just so he donates blood. That's mean of you.! Poor AF. I'll give him popcorn/cakes next time

    1. Well I understand. But, being so secure is boring.
      Don't tell me you don't feel like dragging your feet to work every morning and never ask your self what are you actually doing to your life right now? And whether you feel happy and fulfilled ? :p
      But then, security is also good lah - as long as you don't nag other people to have it your way too :p

      What do you mean by "would not fit the requirement for blood donation"? Is this one of your lame excuse because you are afraid of needles? And plus, I didn't push Af to donate his blood. He just took the form and asked himself over and over again whether he wanted to do it or not. I just smiled la, said that it's up to him, no one forced him.

      Dooon't give him more popcorn =.= Do you want us to get fat?